Since Christmas is just around the corner...


What kind of a Lomographer wouldn’t want to receive an analogue camera for Christmas? So, here is my Christmas wishlist for anyone and everyone who wants to give me gifts (yes, I mean you) and reasons why I want them!

I’ve been buying film and developing them. I never had the extra money to buy another camera so I’m posting my wishlist here for people who would be so generous enough, they’d buy me one of ‘em (Of course, I’m referring to you)!

1. LC-A+ Limited 20th Anniversary Edition

WHO WOULDN’T WANT THE MOST AWESOME ANALOGUE CAMERA IN LOMOGRAPHY HISTORY IN BLUE SNAKESKIN?! Plus, I bet they won’t sell this in the Philippines and if they do, it would probably cost a lost more than the original price.

2. Horizon Kompakt
Panoramas are awesome and this thing is obviously compact, which makes it awesome.

3. Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! in Teal
Who wouldn’t want some gorgeous sprocket holes in their panoramas?

4. Fisheye Baby Bauhaus Edition
Because that this is so dang cute. Plus, you can take it anywhere without having so much bulk in your purse (and I believe that 110 film is awesome).

5. Diana Baby Gold Edition
It’s small and its cool and its gold and its awesome.

6. Diana F+ in True Blue with an Instant Back because I love the color blue and I am up for some lomographic Instax pictures.

7. Transparent ActionSampler because the idea of having 4 photos in one frame is just too cool for me to handle.

8. Lomo LC-Wide because it takes amazing wide-photos with perfect vignetting.

Credits: icuresick

9. La Sardina Belle Starr Edition because it’s simple and gorgeous and easy to use.

10. A lot of film because I love film.

Better yet give me every single Lomographic camera there is because Lomography is awesome.
And yes, I love using the word awesome.

Have a Happy Holiday guys! God Bless!

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