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Christmas 2011 was the definitive point I really got into lomography. I knew I wanted to take great lomographs, but where was I going to start? Here’s a short and sweet review of my five fave lomography cameras, and where I recommend starting!

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With the giving holidays fast approaching, last-minute scribbles to the yearly wishlist are being made. I’ve got a few items on my wishlist this year, but I’m going to give you a little advice on what I think you should wish for!

Credits: deja-mew

Lomo LC-A+

Hands down, my biggest recommendation is the LC-A+. Its focusing lever is simple to use, and takes very little time to get used to using. The lock is easy, fast, and reliable. I never have accidental exposures in my pocket! But the most appealing factor is the quality. The glass lens hits it—every time. It’s hard to mess up too bad with this little machine. It is the camera I will always carry around for the moments I don’t want to miss.

Credits: deja-mew

La Sardina

Make sure you get a version with the Fritz the Blitz Flash! This is the best party camera I have. It’s adorable retro look is a real hit with the crowd, and people always seem to want to pose for it. How could they not? The super wide-angle view makes sure you don’t miss the details. The flash has easy to understand settings, too, so you don’t accidentally blow out everyone’s faces.

Credits: deja-mew

Fisheye 2

Some folks can’t stand only having a fisheye lens on a camera, but not me! This is a super fun camera. The ultra-wide view gets everything. It’s great for landscapes, and some fantastic, unique portraits. There’s a flash included, but your subject should be over an arm’s length away to not have the dreaded dark spot blocking out half their face. My second favorite part about this camera? The submarine! The fixed focus makes it the perfect all-terrain camera. Take it in the water, take it in the snow, take it in the rain! Never miss the action.

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Diana Mini

Now, I don’t have my first roll developed at the time I’m writing this, but it’s finished! I can’t believe how long it took me to fill up my first test roll. I shot a couple square format photos in the beginning, and then decided to switch to taking only half frames for the rest of the roll and see how long it took me. Oh my goodness, it took FOREVER. I’ve been a little busier lately, what with the holidays (busy times), but it’s tough to finish a roll in half frame. I love it.! I’m so excited about this pocket-sized prize. The Diana Mini photos above are by my US Cityslicker friend, Hope!

Credits: deja-mew

Holga 135

This was actually my first lomo camera, which is totally due to the low price. It was a wonderful place to start. I got the full kit, and I still need to experiment with everything that came with it. The little flash is so handy. Multiple exposures are a breeze. There is a bent corners version “BC” that makes the vignette super apparent, if that’s your thing. This baby still vignettes. It’s a fun little toy and I’m definitely not afraid to let it bounce around in my backpack in my day to day activities. If you’re looking for an affordable entryway, look no further.

So now that you hopefully have a better idea of what YOU might want, I’ll tell you the two cameras that made it on my list this year. I love my LC-A, but wide angle really is my style and I do hope to someday own an LC-Wide. And, I’m hoping to get into medium format photography this next year, so I would just DIE if I got my hands on a new Bel Air Cityslicker!

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