Makapu'u: Perfect for the Beach or Catching a Little Air

2012-12-21 1

Makapu’u has much to offer in the way of recreational entertainment for the outdoors type and an eager photographer.

Makapu’u lies on the eastern most shore of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. It is said that the name of the area comes from the peak which translates from Hawaiian to “the bulging eye”.

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There is a beautiful beach that is known there for surfing and sunbathing. Local kids love to spend their summers and weekends here swimming and people watching.

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People also like to hike the ridges.

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The real attraction last weekend was the Paragliding. When the winds are right off the ocean, scores of the adventurous type, hike up to ridges and launch themselves into the wind. The strong winds carry them higher and higher to look like birds circling the island.

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The Makapu’u area is also home to a lighthouse, Sea Life Park, and protected tide pools. Off the coast are Mānana Island (Rabbit Island) and Kāohikaipu islet, both protected bird sanctuaries.

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If you want a day of hiking, daredevil flying or just a lazy day at the beach, Makapu’u can be a beautiful location for it all.

All photos were taken with a Lubitel 166+ .

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