Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

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Just thirty minutes away from the Las Vegas strip lies a beautiful conservation area that captures the beauty of the desert.

While visiting Las Vegas on business, a friend recommended visiting a great photo location most people do not think of while on the strip: Red Rock Canyon.

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Located just 17 miles northwest of the Las Vegas Strip, this conservation area offers vistas and the wildlife of the Mojave desert.

You pay the nominal entrance fee which covers your vehicle entering the facility. Bicyclists and people going on foot are free. There’s a visitor’s center and viewing room that explains some of the wildlife you may encounter and explains some of the geology and importance of the area to local culture. After leaving the visitor center, you embark on a 13 mile one-way road with several pull-offs with views of mountains, valleys and vegetation. The conservation area offers 19 trails for hiking, climbing areas and registered camping.

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It was late November when we went there. It was noon and the temperatures was bearable at mid 50’s Fahrenheit. In the middle of the drive, I was in a t-shirt and jeans when the coldest wind I think I have ever felt, came rushing out of the peaks. I thought I was going to freeze solid like a cartoon gag. I ran for the car and my jacket in a frantic flight. I would recommend going in a warmer month. You could also hear an occasional thundering sound that we were informed was ice cracking and echoing down.

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There are also packs of wild donkeys in the area. We saw traces of them, but not the animal. Perhaps they were hiding from the cold too.

You can find more information here.

Credits: neanderthalis

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