Up in the Air: A Quick Stopover in Amsterdam's Airport Schiphol


A couple of years ago, just after Christmas, I had a stopover in the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the major hub for the airline KLM. It was a very busy time of year, so I knew that any airport would be busy, but I was surprised by how big this airport was, let along the amount of people flying through there!

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is located 20 minutes southwest of Amsterdam, and is a very important airport as it is the gateway to many European connections and serves more than 40 million passengers a year. A lot of the major airlines such as KLM fly through here, as do some of the low cost airlines such as Easyjet.

When I first arrived, I decided I would take the opportunity to use my Colorsplash camera with some freshly dish-washed film to capture my impressions of the airport. During my few hours stopover, I explored and visited Amsterdam vicariously through the souvenir stores. I found out after I left that there is actually a shopping centre connected to the airport, outside of security as well as a viewing platform, and also an art museum in the airport.

My favourite memory from my short time spent in the airport was how many seemingly endless moving walkways the airport has. To get from where my small flight from London City Airport came in to get to my very large flight to Toronto, I went on countless moving walkways, and on one empty ride I took this shot which has become one of my favourite lomographs.

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