Up in the Air: Australia's Newcastle Airport


Newcastle Airport in the Australian state of New South Wales is around 2 hours north of Sydney, and it serves the Hunter region in getting people to popular domestic airports using some of Australian low cost airlines. One of my first ever flying memories came from this airport, and I recently visited to see how much it had changed.

Newcastle Airport is a great alternative for people like me who live half-way in between Sydney and Newcastle. I could go either to Sydney and pay the expensive tolls and parking fees, and be in a big airport with all the crowds, or drive straight up the freeway to Newcastle.

Saying goodbye to family.

These photos were taken in the late 90’s when I first started travelling by myself because my Dad moved to another state, and I would go to stay with him for school holidays. It is my first memory of getting on a plane and as I was an ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ I had to stay with the air hostess along with some of the other kids doing the same thing.

I remember not liking the trip because one of the other kids was sick on landing, and as we had to be the last ones to get off the plane, I had to smell it the longest! One of my most embarrassing memories came out of this airport also, and that can be read about here.

I recently went back to Newcastle Airport to do this same flight, and it has grown both with the amount of parking and with the facilities inside. I think this is due to the somewhat new, low cost airlines flying out of this airport. It was kind of weird for me as it was like stepping back 10 years in time as I hadn’t done that trip in so long, but I was very happy to see this small but friendly airport still going strong!

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