LomoAmigo Oli Pettigrew Shoots with the Sprocket Rocket


Singapore-based television host Oli Pettigrew and his busy schedule managed to take on the LomoAmigo! With good humor, an experimental attitude, and a tinge of nostalgia, Oli’s LomoAmigo questionnaire is a pleasure to read, as are his lovely wide-angle Sprocket Rocket shots!

Name: Oli Pettigrew
Location: Singapore
Field: Television Host

How was your experience shooting with the Sprocket Rocket?

OLD SCHOOL! It’s like going back in time every time I use it. I have to be honest it may be the first time I’ve ever changed the film in a camera – my Dad always used to do it when I was a kid!

There were a few nerves at first – you have NO idea how the pics are going to turn out – we’re so Snap-Happy nowadays courtesy of Digital. With my Sprocket I had to think about what I wanted, and then just pray to the Lomo-Gods.

I feel more confident now that I’ve seen the first set of shots. I see the best lighting conditions, and the right focal points… it’s a process.

What’s your fondest memory of analogue film from your own childhood?

Opening the HUGE drawer of pics and just sitting down with the family and going through them. There were thousands. The smart thing my Mum did was create a couple of enormous collages with all the good ones… and we ditched the crap ones. When you move house the last thing you need is 20 tonnes of blurry pics.

It was fun going through the pics though… it was kind of like a random treasure hunt.

What’s the Arts scene like in Singapore and how’s it changed since you arrived?

Singapore has a vibrant arts scene – but it’s really under the radar. Most things in Singapore are. On the outside Singapore has this ‘perfect’, ‘polished’ veneer that some on the outside see as ‘boring’ – but I always try to set people straight. If you want to find anything in Singapore you have to go looking for it – it’s right there waiting for you, you just have to put a little effort in. I think over the last 8 years Singaporeans are really beginning to find their voice. The country has exploded onto the world scene in the last decade – we’re the new centre of Asia in so many ways. People are becoming more confident to stand out from the crowd and you can see that in the arts and music scene. Lets see where we end up in another 8 years… it could be fascinating.

You’re an avid smartphone photographer and uploader, and your presence on social media is very apparent. It’s increasingly becoming less of a rarity that we see personalities connect directly with their fans. What’s the experience been like for you and why is it important?

I love interacting with my fans. I’m nothing without them. I never understand when I hear other people denigrate their fans or the people that spend time to write to them. I do what I can to connect, communicate, interact… it takes 2 minutes. These people feel a connection to you because they see you on TV, they feel like they know you. Social Media helps make that connection feel even deeper.

It also allows me to speak with my own voice. I’m not a fan of having others speak for me… or trying to tell me what I can say.

How did you feel when flipping through your first batch of Sprocket Rocket films?

A sense of relief that they weren’t all a total disaster – there were some awesome little gems in there – especially of the kids. I learned a lot.

Which is your favorite, and what was going on in the photo?

The one the 2 kids, Linda and me on the beach. It was such a random moment and the camera caught it perfectly – it’s the banner pic on my personal FB page. People love that pic.

What’s next in store for you and your career?

God Knows! It’s the nature of what I do. It’s unpredictable.

You can catch me on a small charity project on AXN over the New Year, a new show on Discovery Kids in 2013 as well as every Friday night on Cinemax with Epad on Max.

As far as next year goes my name has been attached to a number of potential projects – but we’ll have to wait and see what comes to fruition. Stay tuned!

I’m also opening a new gym here in Singapore with my 2 partners – it’s called ‘Ritual’. Fitness has become very important to me this year… it’s something I want to get more involved with in the future. I hope to give people the same life-changing epiphany that I had – it feels great.

What’s one constant source of inspiration for you?

My wife – she’s taught me a lot… even about myself

Any tips for budding Artists – Photographers, Thespians, Painters, Musicians, Filmmakers?

Find your own voice… when it comes to your art there’s not such thing as wrong… And take Fish Oil.

Thank you Oli, we can’t wait for your next shots! Check out Oli’s Alive Not Dead page, his official website, Facebook, and Twitter!

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