Tracing my Lomo Beginnings Back to 2008


It is hard to point out exactly where my lomo beginnings go back to. I know that in late 2008, I only had a compact digital camera, and although I loved taking photos on a night out, I just found it all a bit unfulfilling. I guess it must have begun some time after that.

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Some time during 2009, I was perusing Urban Outfitters in Leeds and spotted the most beautiful cameras I had ever seen. I decided to purchase a Diana and take it on a trip to London in the April time. I did try to use it a little bit whilst I was there but I had never even seen 120 film before and it was all a little bit stressful. I ended up resorting to the digital compact and put my Diana back in storage. My boyfriend however had been having a go with a Halina analogue camera and I just loved his photos from our trip and together we began having a go with the Diana again.

Here are a few shots from our first rolls on the Diana.

Not many of the photos came out, and we didn’t really take them of anything in particular, but I loved the waiting for them to come back from the lab and I knew I wanted to get back into film again. Soon after that I bought a Fisheye No. 2 and a Diana Mini and this is when the love of film really got me. My first few photos on my fisheye were okay, and I loved them much more than digital shots from the same events.

A few early Fisheye photos

It was the Diana Mini however, which really spoke to me. I used it on every night out or other social occasion that I attended throughout 2009/2010. I loved my Mini that year, and my obsession with Lomography really took off from there. Over the last 3 years, I have amassed over 50 cameras, over 6000 photos and lots of new friends all over the world. I have no plans to stop and I hope that 2013 is as successful as the last few for me in terms of photography.

Here are a few photos from my Diana Mini in 2010
Here are a few of my favourite photos from my LomoHome that I have taken these first few years.

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