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Music plays a big part and inspiration in a Lomographer’s life, and access to new tunes is always appreciated. Tunezy is a Canadian start-up from our big city Toronto, connecting independent and aspiring musicians to their fans. Read on to check out what they’re all about!

We’ve had many great musicians come from our Canadian country, including someone that you might know by the name of Drake. Did you know that he released a series of free mixtapes and music videos to his fans, prior to being signed to Young Money Entertainment? This was the way to generate buzz and build a following. Tunezy, the music marketplace, facilitates this relationship between independent artists and their fans. They do so by hosting exclusive products and experiences that are only available to Tunezy users. Unique products like virtual concerts, custom songs, hand written lyrics, recording studio sessions, and even having an artist take you to dinner and a show – they’re all available on Tunezy. Items can also be purchased at a discount, through something called Notes, which are like a rewards program on the website that Fans can earn through sharing feedback, and using the website. Basically: A platform for musicians to offer experiences, A place for fans to buy them.

The Tunezy website

Co-Founders Derrick Fung and Brandon Chu took an entrepreneurial class together a few years ago, did a bit of research, and well, the rest was history! Tunezy is slowly growing and had signed independent musicians, Clara C, Alex Goot and David Choi at their launch. Tunezy also recently won top spot at the Billboard Future Sound Innovators Showcase in San Francisco.

In a nutshell, Tunezy is a Music Marketplace, helping musicians monetize their fan base by offering experiences and merchandise to sell to their fans. Sounds pretty sweet to us.

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Why are we introducing you to all this? Well, Tunezy is holding their Holiday event, The S.T.F.U. Party, on December 11th in Toronto and you’ll have a chance of being a part of that! How, you ask? Well we can’t tell you much yet, but be sure to follow Tunezy on Twitter and Facebook, and also Lomography Canada on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss anything. A hint… Tweeting is involved.. and maybe something fishy too?

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Information taken from Tunezy’s website and TechVibes

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