A Lot of Beautiful Light

2012-12-02 16

Some people hate it, while some people don’t. The measure of light in a Lomograph when it is too much might be a mistake but worry not for it can also be really beautiful!

Over exposed Lomographs can really be a drag sometimes. When you’ve pushed your aperture too high and a lot of light seeps in, then that means a lot of tones and a splash of washed colour! But in this wonderful world of analogue, over exposed Lomographs can also be the most beautiful!

That’s why in this week’s gallery post, we have decided to showcase 50 amazing over exposed Lomographs in our Community! Enjoy!

Credits: vicuna, carlos_perezderozas, k_melancholy, eskimofriend, graefin, dannyedwards, paperplanepilot, superlighter, jennson, shoujoai, bloomchen, jeabzz, lonur, fendyfazeli, emilios, paramir, amikamerami, vici, deprofundis, koduckgirl, ariannapaloma, fivedayforecast, dudizm, lilithmoon, kneehigh85, c0pe, moodification, dinospork, mephisto19, 87lomotempura & ohpleasedontgo

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  1. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    Better too much light than not enough, I say!

  2. mayeemayee
  3. emilios
    emilios ·

    @twinklecat yup i agree. @mayeemayee and thank you too

  4. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @mayeemayee thanks for including my pics. mainly the ice-mobile because i really like this shot a lot just because it is so overexposed. i have another correct exposed shot of it with another cam and it´s not looking half as good ;)

  5. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Wow thanks for using my photo!

  6. lilithmoon
    lilithmoon ·

    Thanks mayeemayee!!! :D
    The Holga is the best camera for pics overexposed on summer!

  7. vici
    vici ·

    Thanks @mayeemayee for using one of my favorite photos! Great little article too!

  8. jezzyjung
    jezzyjung ·

    Amazing collection!

  9. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    Thanks :) when I got the negatives back from the lab, I was really sad that they were that much overexposed, and thought that I could throw away the whole film. But after scanning, I loved the effect! And seeing this amazing gallery shows me that I'm not the only one :)

  10. lonur
    lonur ·

    great selection of photos!

  11. dannyedwards
    dannyedwards ·

    nice article, thanks for using some of my many over exposed pictures :-)

  12. hobbyfossi
    hobbyfossi ·

    A great selection of pictures - both contentwise but also in terms of lightning. thx for such a great compendium.

  13. ilikephoto
    ilikephoto ·

    Great pictures :))

  14. masala27
    masala27 ·

    Great article and amazing photos. Overexposure can really rock!

  15. newvibes
    newvibes ·

    Some great inspiration here. The great thing about film is it forces you to look at the results. You can't chimp and immediately delete an image. Its always there and can often surprise.

  16. k_melancholy
    k_melancholy ·

    Thanks @mayeemayee ^^

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