The Best Sprocket Rocket Locations of 2012


This year will soon come to a close before we know it, so we scoured the Locations section for the most picturesque spots written about this 2012, accompanied by beautiful photos taken using the Sprocket Rocket!

Photo by gvelasco

My Most Memorable Travel Escapade in 2011 Part 3: Point Cabrillo, California

On the way to Lake County, lomographer gvelasco took a quick detour to the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse and took several beautiful Sprocket snaps in monochrome. Head over to his full article to learn more about this location and see more of his photos!

Credits: deprofundis

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul

Lomographer deprofundis spent six days in scenic Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and marveled at the Gyeongbokgung Palace for a good four hours. Aside from taking some sprocketed panoramas, she also filmed her first LomoKino movie there! Check out her full article to watch her film and see more of her Sprocket Rocket photos in sweet Seoul!

Credits: roonandbeks

Looking for Inspiration at Heyri Art Village in Gyeonggi

Another lomographer who visited the South Korean capital is roonandbeks, who headed to the Heyri Art Village in the outskirts of Seoul to get creative and inspired. There are lots of eye-catching Sprocket Rocket photos from this visit, so check them all out in the full article!

Credits: amytam

Howick Historical Village: A Heritage Experience

From the United States and South Korea, let’s move on to a beautiful architectural museum/village visited by amytam in Auckland, New Zealand. Called Howick Historical Village, our lomographer says it’s an excellent place for learning and exploring, and her Sprocket Rocket photos certainly are a testament to this! Take a look at the rest of her photos in the full article!

Credits: amytam

Auckland Series: Botanical Gardens

Last but not the least is the Auckland Botanical Gardens, another New Zealand location also visited by amytam. Our lomographer calls it a landscape photographer’s dream location for taking photos with its stunning collection of various plants. Her beautiful garden snaps taken using the Sprocket Rocket and Fuji Velvia 100F slide film are worth taking a look, so head over to the full article!

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