The Creation of Panoramic Macros


It’s the photographic accidents that sometimes bring out some new twists and thoughts about photography. Things you never really thought about in the first place. Just imagine the lens of your panoramic camera gets loose and creates some very interesting new results? How about that?

Credits: wil6ka

On my trip for the “caviar diaries” I took quite some panoramic shots, but I only discovered them recently, while I looked through all the negatives. There were nine developed films I never paid attention to. On this trip my Horizon Perfect broke down. The lens fell off, bit by bit, exposure by exposure. And in this phase of looseness and transition something very peculiar happened. While most of the shots were just unusable and out of focus, there was something like a macro-set-up (well, close-up-set-up would be the correcter term – but macro just sounds so well:) for some while. The close foreground was in focus and the background was unfocused.

This totally turns around the logic of panoramic cameras, whereas the focus region begins from 1 to 2 meters and everything behind is in more or less in focus and everything before that is unfocused. This setup was the first close-up panoramic camera, maybe in history :) This gives you quite some options to tell a story, but still you have to know about it. And when you know about it you have to conserve that set-up, which is impossible. In my case, the lens fell off and I got a new camera. Only after I got all the negatives back I understood, that my pictures had been unfocused from the start. But I am glad for some of the shots in this album and the physical experiment behind it.

Credits: wil6ka

And maybe this is some inspiration for a new choice of lenses/ lens-adaptors for Lomographic panoramic cameras. How about close-up, macro- or even telelenses for the Horizon? I think you could really change the face of panoramic photography with that and it would surely be a nice addition to everything that is out there.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    A great accidental effect indeed! :)

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    The exact same thing happened to my Horizon Perfekt! Same story, shooting a lot without even being aware of the problem... Bought a new one. Your idea of lens adaptors is great! A close-up adaptor that would fit in front of the lens - just like those little filters provided with the Horizon - would be a blast! Nice post Herr Willie. One day I'll have to write about mine : )

  3. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    KMZ made something called Horizon 205PC that had a focusing lens as close as 1m... It was a very heavy metal thing using 120 films. Try to find one of those and be lucky on price. I remember them as VERY EXPENSIVE!!!! but really cool.

  4. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    Indeed @herbert-4 one of my photography teachers owned one of this cameras. I never get to see the camera in person, but I saw some of the shots. He was some kind of panorama freak, he even made some beautiful and massive panorama with pinhole

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