Malaysia Top Photo Uploaders of November 2012


Be prepared to let your jaw drop as we feature a gallery of breathtaking Lomographs shot by these top uploaders from Malaysia!

While there are thousands and thousands of photso uploaded in people’s LomoHomes every hour of every day world wide, let’s give round an applause for these top uploaders from Malaysia of November 2012!

chethong (2,701 photos)
ripsta (727 photos)
amikamerami (374 photos)
gladys (301 photos)
shind (184 photos)

Congratulations and in November, 1 grand prize winner will receive 20 piggies and a badge, while all uploaders who upload 300 photos or more in November will receive 5 piggies and a very special badge to be pinned in their LomoHome as well! Thank you for sharing those amazing analogue photos with us! Do check out their LomoHomes and get inspired now!

Wanna be the top uploader as well? Upload your lomographs and complete your LomoHome now. Let’s aim to be December’s top uploader from Malaysia, alright?

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  1. chethong
    chethong ·

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! MUAMUAMUA**

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