The Little Celebration That Could


This past Friday, November 23rd, 2012, we invited you to our store to help us celebrate our family’s 20th anniversary and Lomography Toronto’s 2nd birthday! A little celebration that could and would turn out to be an unforgettable night filled with friends, family, music and CAKE! Here is the insider’ look through the eyes of our staff on that magical night!

Matthew / Bartender
Camera: La Sardina

It is hard being everyone’s best friend for an entire night, but I have realized that someone must take one for the team and step into the unforgiving world of giving strangers beer and wine. Not to mention asking each and every beautiful person if I could take their photograph right after pouring them a very tasty beverage. How tasty? As tasty as the hot tracks P-Rex our DJ was spinning. As tasty as the melodies sung by our live band Sandman Viper Command. And as tasty as our custom made cake with sparklers on top. That tasty.

Andrew / Sales Extraordinaire
Camera: Canon AE-1

I was given one single role the night of our super party; that is what I have dubbed “Super”, and this role was to be the man behind the cash! This was so much fun because as soon as our guests left the bar they would walk by and spend some time chatting about our amazing cameras. Not to mention the fact that I was beer throwing distance from my buddy Matt, although I guess I did just mention that. Every so often my feet would get restless and I would tip-toe away from the cash register and immerse myself amongst the wonderful crowd that grew. Shooting 3200 ISO on one of my favorite 35mm cameras ever made ended up being the perfect side project during an amazing evening!

Ashley / PR Maven
Camera: LOMO LC-Wide & Continential Electroflash 555 using Lomography Color Tiger 110

This was probably my 10th party at the LGS Toronto and I had the most fun at this one ‘cause there were 2 big milestones to celebrate! I had the chance to mingle and wander around the floor, chatting with people, snapping shots and posing with red balloons – That was fun. The crowd was AMAZING that night, with Lomographers and strangers alike. The drinks were good, the cake was sweet and the music was bumpin’, I couldn’t help but groove along… Excuse any blurry photos!

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