Beauty of Taiwan's Ruins: Experiencing the Yesteryears


There are some ruins scattered all over Taiwan. Nobody knows how long they will last, so I shall take more photos of them.

To me, ruins are an attractive but errie place. Amongst these ruins, my favorites are the military forts, probably because these places have less horror stories!

Some forts are built near the sea, from a military garrison or modern resort point of view; these locations have beautiful and even magnificent scenery!

Inside these ruins are overgrown vegetation or messy piles of rubbish. The structures could be in danger of collapse due to years of neglect. One important point I always bear in mind when shooting ruins is to only capture the external facade, avoid the dangerous internal shots. Having said that, some people use the ruins as warehouses and performs basic housekeeping. In this case, I would often venture a look at the interiors!

When you go on the next field trip, do keep an eye out for ruins.

written by vincent6251 on 2013-02-08 #places #history #ruins #taiwan #locations #old #analogue-photography #location #lomography #analogue-cameras #35mm-films
translated by coolsigg

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