Lomography's 20th Anniversary Parties All Around the World!


From Bangkok to Barcelona, Rio to Tokyo, Cologne to China, we were painting the world red with parties upon parties in celebration of the Lomographic Society International’s 20th anniversary! Check out the fun and frivolous photos from Lomography Gallery Stores around the globe!

Flashing lights, instant photobooths, analogue presentations, musical acts, cultural performers, free food, boozing and schmoozing, and all sorts of good, clean fun were had at the global parties for Lomography’s 20th anniversary!

Of course, each store from Madrid to Manchester, Antwerp to Amsterdam, Berlin to Beijing, celebrated in its own crazy way; it was great to see the Lomography community come together to enjoy this milestone event all across the world! Here’s a gallery of 20 photos from all the anniversary parties from around the world!

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