Bel-Air Globetrotter Limited Edition: Additional Thoughts and Comments

Continuing to my first review for Lomography Bel-Air Globetrotter Edition! If you’ve got specific ideas and questions for the Lomography Canada branch, we will be answering them:)

Just looking at it at night… can’t wait to go out to shoot some shots:)

~ Questionnaire~

“How was it like to finally have the Belair X 6-12 in your hands?”

Although I was checking up all the articles and photos before hands, it gave me some kind of surprise and unique feeling about holding it. Light. I feel the potential:) I cannot wait to go out and shoot!

“What’s your favourite part about this camera so far?”

Shutter sound!!!! That is first thing I checked it out! You got to hear it!:)

“What pushed you to buy the camera in the first place?”

6th sense…or called it natural instinct… When I saw it, I simply wanted to try:)

“How do you see yourself using the Belair X 6-12 in your daily life?”

Maybe sometimes bring to work, daily outing, for sure when I go for photo walk, will bring it;)
I also like to bring it to travel, especially when I get chance to travel other country:)

“How did your photos turn out?”

Coming soon!;)

“How is the Belair different from any other Lomography camera that you own?”

Again, so far, I feel the great potential. Unique design does stand up from other cameras,
I am so looking forward to shooting 6×12 format which would be the biggest film format I have tried so far in my life;)

Will update more once I finish the test roll!:)

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