Singapore's Camera of the Day: Spinner 360° Leather Edition


Clad in Italian Toledo leather, this special edition Spinner 360° will definitely revolutionize the way you take panoramic photos. With this camera’s unique picture-taking mechanism and elegant appeal, you can capture everything around you in style!

Credits: nural, rodrigoalmeida, jenbo, pepper-b & lilithmoon

The Spinner 360° Leather Edition is the perfect match for any pattern or print-fan. It’s nice on the touch and will produce nice on the eyes panoramas to sigh over.

There’re many things to experiment with, with the Spinner 360°. Just check out our Techniques section of our Spinner 360° Microsite!

Credits: kylewis, elvismartinezsmith, cyanwater & lisi

Also read one testimonial from mega Singapore Lomographer mariemichi.

Regular price: SGD 218.00

Credits: rodrigoalmeida, sinvertigo, peropero & clickiemcpete

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The “Spinner 360°”: goes beyond the confines of standard panoramic cameras. See everything around you (literally!), and be swept away by truly spectacular results. Head to our “Online Shop”: and get your own “Spinner 360°”:!

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