Countdown to the Last 2 Days of 15% Off Discount for Preordering Belair X 6-12!


Recently, the hottest topic for discussion among Lomographers is “Have you pre-ordered the Belair?” This charming 120 camera with a collapsible bellow is so attractive that event the cattiest little lady Rose (喬喬) couldn’t wait to have one. You can still enjoy the 15% off discount when pre-ordering the camera along with 3 rolls of 120 color negative film.

Can’t wait to play with Daddy’s new camera after school. Photo taken from 于卉喬臉書粉絲團

After reading through quite a lot of sneak previews written by Belair testers, did you feel that your eagerness to bring home one got bigger and bigger? Time flies and the 15% off discount is going to end on 2012.11.29! Don’t hesitate anymore and be sure to pre-order now. If you pre-order now, you get an extra box of 120 negative film (3 rolls of film) as a freebie! Only 2 days to go, so take some time to rush to our Online Shop and get your own beloved Belair!

Rose(喬喬) is advancing the 120 film seriously by keeping an eye on the number Photo taken from 于卉喬臉書粉絲團

Note: This batch of pre-ordered Belair is expected to be shipped out by January 2013.

*Preorder the All Black Edition – Belair X 6-12 City Slicker
*Preorder the Metal & Leather Edition – Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter

written by lomographytaiwan on 2012-11-28 #news #discount #belair #analogue-cameras #120-films #belair-x-6-12 #belair-first-owner
translated by gateau

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