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this one is really easy. It’s something you can easily try within all the techniques from MX. You can basically snap whatever you want, and you can create very unique shots! You just need to know how to MX it :)

This is a shot of the cosmos with double exposure. I shot it without a tripod. Yes, it is just hand-held, and shot twice.
Isn’t it quite a nice looking shot? Looks like a very dreamy image right? As if the flower looks transparent, got some movement on it. This, actually is not so hard to do. You just need to know couple of tips…will introduce them now!:)

What you need
1. Camera( LC-A+, Holga, Diana are easier to use since you can MX easily)
2. Film(Anything is fine, maybe not too high speed ISO like 1600)
3. Splitzer(for advance use)

1. Comparison between single shot and double shot
Let’s take a look two shots between a single shot and a double shot.
Above, you see the cosmos photo. It was pretty enough for a single shot. But on purpose I attempted two different shots, a single shot, and a double shot to see what kinds of results we can get.
What do you think? I like the single shot too, but I also like the different taste on the photo with a double shot. (Different mood) By adding a flavour called MX, you can create different world within your photo result.
Now, here comes how to do it:)

Comparison between single and double shot

2. How to do it
※In my case, I use an LC-A+, and ISO100 color slide film

Set ISO as 200, and shoot the first shot.
You can set the subject as anything, I would say pick one subject, and have a simple background. That way you can make the subject and its movement clear. Make sure to remember the composition for shooting the second shot.
After the first shot, use the MX switch, and shoot second shot. ISO setting is still 200.
Try to have the composition as same as possible in the second shot. Obviously you cannot make it the same since you are holding camera without tripod. But that is the key though!
This tipster article is introducing this slightly different taste on MX. You actually make it blurry a bit by shooting twice. These double lines of subject give a different look into the photo. How should we call them, the transparent-ness, clear-ness, you name it! The reason I ask you to choose the clear background, is because that you cannot really tell even if the background got a different composition as the first time, since images look alike a lot. About setting ISO higher on purposely, since you shoot twice, you want to compensate the film speed lower. (so you can get proper exposure as well)

However, try to have a composition as close as you can, because if you make quite a large gap between two shots, look below, it does not look good at all…T-T
※If you are shooting ISO 200, shoot twice with ISO 400 setting. If you are shooting 400, then set it as 800, and shoot twice.

Not quite right…

3. Use the MX switch while holding camera and looking in the viewfinder
This is another tip to minimize the gap between two shots.
Right after you shot the first one, you use the MX switch and shoot right after.
By not looking at the camera and the MX switch, this way you can avoid re-set the composition. (to maximize the result)
You should be holding the camera with the right hand, and with your left hand finger, try to click the MX switch. You got to practice this before hand, so you feel comfortable doing this:)

Keep looking…and click!

4. Advance skill
If you do this with other technique, you can take another set of unique photos!
Now, I will introduce Lomography Splitzer.
You cover the bottom and top, each side you take two shots as the last tip I explained. In total, you will be shooting 4 exposures. The uniqueness is more.

double shot and splitzer

Next one is double shot with flower.
Double shot and flower exposure create even greater imaginary shots. (Please refer another tipster I made MX with flower to include the exposure of nice flower image)
Your shot can get much greater result!

Double shot and flower exposure

Ok, even more advance technique here… so called “Film Soup”!
(Hodachrome has not posted this detailed post about “Film Soup”, so everyone, stay tuned:))
You shoot the double shot, and need to create the magical effect by making film soup. This is quite a maniacal way to create unusual result, but hey, it is always for making better and unique photos;)
(I will explain more about “Film Soup” in a later post)

Double shot and “film soup” effect

How did you like this time? Did it make sense to you?
Holga, Diana, and Sprocket Rocket are much easier to expose twice with the same exposure since you simply press the shutter twice:)
I hope you all like to try sometimes, again, it is easy way to have fun with MX!
You can create your own MX world★

Enjoy MX life with double shot:)

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