Belair Globetrotter Edition Review: Come to me Baby!


My baby has finally arrived here in Canada! I will go through the process of me opening the box and first set up for my Belair Globetrotter!

Finally! My Belair is here!

I was told that I am getting my Belair around mid-December by Lomography, I was, okay, I can wait.
But! I got email last week, it said it was already shipped!!!!!

Way to go, Lomography and Lomography Toronto!!XD

I was out for work yesterday, so could not receive it, so I went to pick it up this morning.

And, here it is:))

It is pretty light weight, well, got to check it out inside!!
I love the way Lomography put the holiday greeting sticker on the box!XD

Awww, so happy.

So, get to work! Open the box..

Paper cushion…
Season’s greetings from Lomography… What a gift!
Tag…for christmas tree?
Here we go!

so, packaging is pretty nice, I guess this is my first, official, purchase on Lomography product as new and all boxed:)

Cut the clear wrapping
Limited, Globetrotter!

All the items are wrapped with this black clothes, very high class style(well their presentation is quite nice, honestly), I firstly grabbed my new baby camera body…

Awwww Gawd!!!!

So light! And nice and clean…style wise…

Welcome to my life…XD

Try browsing other parts.. First disappointment appears.

Dirt on the view finder.

Well, I guess I can simply clean it up, so not biggy… (And I did clean it up, so it is all good now)

Dig more…

Hellllooooo all the goodies!

Sample photos are attached, and….hm? Oh yeaaaahhh!!

Mine is 213

Kind of funny, I mean, it is cool that serial number for Globetrotter is hand written. Thank you so much for doing this, whoever wrote all these numbers!

Open sesame!

Couple of things, I like to mention.

Please do read the operation manual, if you are new to cameras, or, even intermediate level, or even advance, I am not beginner, but not pro, but I had to look the manual through, and even had to ask Mr. Google to find out how to for certain things.

Scary to open LOL

You just need to feel and remember how little force you need to put on the camera and open the bellows.
You have to press the button on the bottom, and slowly open it.

Careful to close

You press two bottons on the metal cross parts by above the bellows and below the bellows, and slowly push close the bellows. Again, you kind of need to know that you need to press the bellows gently..

Battery compartment

I was really scared to break the case cover for battery compartment, does not give us much visual instruction on the manual (I would be happy to see them), so they just asked you to open… I was like HOW?? LOL
So, I asked Mr. Google, and Lomography page helped me out, thanks Lomo community:)

To be honest, it is easy, but you need to spend some minutes to figure it out how it all works out:)

Inside of camera body

Ok, so you basically “pull down” the switch by two sides together, and you will hear the click, and you can take the back off of Belair.

Hmmm, plastic.

I guess it is a good thing of Lomo camera, made by plastic, so it is light. Hmm, when I wind this plastic winder, it clicks and…. honestly, sounds cheap…LOL But hey, it is a toy camera, I mean, it is a Lomo camera, that is the taste, and I like that.:) (It just made me laugh when I winded, because it made the plastic click sound…:))

inside and outside of the back side of Belair
The clip part of different format framing

So, 6×12 framing is on the body when you received.
You can clip it off, and you can find the other frame format in your box(6×6 and 6×9)

Talking about different frame formats, you should take a look on the manual about lens spec, will tell you how lens focal length varies on different format:

90mm lens:

  • 6×12→ 32mm (35mm equivalent)
  • 6×9 → 40mm (35mm equivalent)
  • 6×6 → 52mm (35mm equivalent)

58mm lens:

  • 6×12 → 21mm (35mm equivalent)
  • 6×9 → 26mm (35mm equivalent)
  • 6×6 → 35mm (35mm equivalent)

I was thinking about carrying all the parts of Belair when I go shoot, but I guess there would be many options to carry out the combination of lenses and format frames.


There are three frames on the screen, you can easily find out which one is for which framing (6×6, 6×9, and 6×12)

All installed. Make sure to put the batteries!

Bulb works, slow shutter works, sounds great, and looks great.. Here is another happy boy in Canada to receive Globetrotter!:)

Good looking.

I will try the test roll in a bit.
Thank you for your time and read through, hope this helps and inspire some lomo users!:)



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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    thanks for sharing the unboxing! :)

  2. iandevlinphoto
    iandevlinphoto ·

    So jelous tried to get one but were sold out :(

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