My Lomo Beginning with My Diana F+


I always liked analogue photography and vignettes but only from distance. So, when I was looking for a Lomo camera to buy for myself, my boyfriend gave me a Diana F+ as a birthday present. That’s how it all began!

When I first tried film, it was not exactly what I wanted. I guess we couldn’t make the right adjustments even though it’s simple to use. Maybe it’s about the excitement for having an analogue camera. Here is one of my first shots, but I know it’s not a good double exposure:

Credits: elvishstuff

Then, I started to use 120 films after this needless result:

Credits: elvishstuff

Here are some color photos that I shot with the one who bought me my Diana:

Credits: elvishstuff

I’m so lucky and glad to get into this. I know I’m new in analogue photography but I think I’ll never stop taking photos of my cat or my friends, dogs, my foot, and everything else using this camera. It’s getting more fun with every shot!

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