My Lomo Milestones: The Fisheye Fever

2012-12-04 6

It all started in Barcelona. A week away with friends, a long term curiosity, and a friend with a fisheye. Needless to say, I fell in love.

I had been contemplating getting a Fisheye camera for a long time. I was mesmerized by that odd distortion in the pictures. So when two years ago my friend lent me hers in a trip to Barcelona, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer: I had to have it. So, I arrived in Portugal and I headed to the Embassy Store in Lisbon and I did it. I got my lovely Fisheye and smiled ear to ear all the way back home.

So here, I share with you how it all started, in Barcelona:

Credits: roxanneross

And how it kept going! From the first roll:

Credits: roxanneross

To special days:

To music festivals:

Credits: roxanneross

To endless summer days:

Photos by roxanneross

To meeting new places:

Credits: roxanneross

To experiments:

Credits: roxanneross

And memorable moments with friends:

Credits: roxanneross

Ever since I bought it, it’s been the one camera that has gone everywhere with me. Looking back on this short period of time, I feel like my Fisheye could tell all my stories, all the big happenings in my life: good and bad, big or small…all in Lomo.

What about you? Do you have one, or maybe two special cameras that have seen all the little bits and pieces in your life? Do you have that one camera that registers not only your personal milestones, but also your little steps? Tell me and everyone else about it!

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  1. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    I have got to try the flowers-on-Fisheye doubles!

  2. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    @twinklecat it has been my favourite experiment ever so far! :)

  3. kate21
    kate21 ·

    love the article :) i´ve just got fisheye and i can´t wait to see the first pictures :) i´d like also ask for the fisheye doubles - what did you shoot first, the flowers or the streets? thanx:)

  4. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    hey @kate21, thanks! i shot the flowers first :)

  5. kate21
    kate21 ·

    really? i thought it was the other way :) do you think it would work if the fisheye pics are first and the flowers second and they´d show up in the edges of first layer?

  6. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    @kate21 i think you could do that :) if you shoot the other way around i think you'd get some double exposure effect over the fisheye parts but much more faint than what i got, and of course the corners would be exposed

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