A Brief History of Photography: Innovations in Chemistry by Bytesize Science


Check out this fascinating video made by Kirk Zamieroski and the American Chemical Society about the history chemical processes in photography!

The photographic process has undoubtedly come a long way since the beginning. What was then a long and grueling process that provided images that are fragile and difficult to preserve, we are now in an era when it’s click and print in a snap.

Nonetheless, the American Chemical Society produced this delightful video, taking us on a journey back in history, along with insight and commentary from experts like Art Kaplan from Getty Conservation Institute.

The history of photography is rich with chemical innovations and insights, producing hundreds of different processes to develop images in unique and often beautiful ways. But these historical images can be difficult to conserve, especially since each type of photograph requires a different preservation technique. While two photos could look very similar, they may differ chemically in dramatic ways. — Video Description

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