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Undecided about what Lomography product to order for Christmas this year? Read here to see why UK Cityslicker Marianne recommends the iconic camera that started it all: The Lomo LC-A.

With hundreds of products on offer from Lomography, it’s understandable that a visit to the Lomography shop for a Christmas present could prove daunting. For those who are new to Lomography, there’s a few things to consider when picking what to ask Santa for. Firstly, the cameras in Lomography come in 3 film formats: 35mm, 120, and 110. 120 produces the unique square photos, whilst 110 enables you to use cute miniature cameras.

However if you’re new, I recommend opting for a 35mm camera as they’re more widely accepted at local minilabs and cheaper in terms of shots per roll, meaning it’s more cost effective when you’re likely to be producing a lot of mistake shots.

Secondly, you might want to consider ease of use. The film cameras from Lomography differ in their focusing and exposure functions and for a complete beginner, it’s best to go for zone focusing and automatic exposure. This gives you the least risk of error, and lets you pay more attention to taking the photo and less to the technical nitty gritty.

For these reasons, I recommend the wonderful and iconic Lomo LC-A as the ultimate Christmas gift for a photography lover. The LC-A is a small compact camera that has an inbuilt light meter that automatically calculates the correct exposure for you (perfect for night shots that are difficult to expose correctly). This means all you have to do is choose from one of four distances to focus (0.8m, 1.5m, 3m and infinity) and press the shutter button. The four zones can be easily understood as suitable for close ups, portraits, group shots and landscapes respectively, so again, it’s very simple for those who are inexperienced at judging distances.

Furthermore, the LC-A’s small size makes it very suitable for travelling. You don’t have to worry about it taking up space or adding weight to your baggage. The built-in light meter means you can take photos 24/7 with no need to change shutter speed and aperture settings as you would do on a manual camera.

This also means you don’t need to carry a range of cameras, just the LC-A for all your day and night photography needs. Similarly, these characteristics make the LC-A great for parties and nights out with friends. You can easily keep it in your pockets or clutch bag and the hotshoe enables you to add some funky effects with the Colorsplash Flash.

The zone focusing element also means you can shoot from the hip…or the floor…or wherever else you fancy for those creative angles because it doesn’t require the precise focusing of a rangefinder. This is especially useful for those who like street photography who don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves when taking a shot.

Last but not least, the LC-A’s lens creates the wonderful, striking colors and vignettes that motivated the Lomography movement, making it my top recommendation for this year’s Christmas wishlist. It’s versatile, practical and takes effortlessly great photos, so what more could you want this year? You can buy it from the Lomography Online Shop!

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