My First Lomo Milestone

2012-11-29 2

After finding these negatives in a box I was reminded of my first Lomo Milestone which coincides with my longest love.

wow, we were young

A long time ago (1995), I had a chance to visit an amazing girl I met the previous winter break. I had some money saved and I was hopping a plane from sunny warm Hawaii to a very chilly Washington State University in Pullman. Before I left, I really wanted to remember my trip so I sneaked into my dad’s closet and grabbed his Canon AE-1. I stopped by the local photo shop and picked up a few rolls of B&W film. (I thought it would impress her more if I was a little artsy). I knew nothing of Lomography at the time, but I also knew little of this camera either.

back when we had corded phones.

It turns out it had a light leak back then, but I thought that was my fault at the time. I had a few instructions from my dad from taking the occasional vacation photo of him and family. For some reason there was a darker notched line on the light meter at f/5.6. At the time, I believed that was the aperture I should be at to get a good picture. I knew to change the shutter speed till I got that 5.6 on the light meter. I guess it wasn’t bad at the time. I didn’t break that “rule” till I downloaded the AE-1’s manual in 2009. It turns out that dark line at 5.6 was an indicator for the battery test. Funny, right?

Credits: neanderthalis

After my trip, I returned to find out my B&W film needed to be sent away. Two weeks later I got the call that my prints were ready. I was impressed that I could take some decent pictures and about once a year I would get the itch and beg my dad to let me borrow that camera. After one such instance in 2009 while looking for tips on shooting with the AE-1 and looking for people who still shot film, I found Lomography. I finally inherited that camera and since have collected close to 30 cameras of different types and ages.

Credits: neanderthalis

By the way, I guess I did impress that girl because five years later I married her and in a few months our love grows to include our first child. I am sure they both will be my Lomo subjects for years to come.


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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    great b/w here!

  2. dida
    dida ·

    beautiful love history :) and nice b+w pictures ;)

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