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The 14th Saint-Petersburg Photofair took place from 15th to 18th of October. The experts were trying to find out which producer is more productive, beginners were interested in easy and tiny digital cameras but without any exceptions everyone was interested in the Lomography area!

The 14th Saint-Petersburg Photofair traditionally took place from 15th to 18th of October. Everything was fancy as always – huge squares with Canon and Sony logos, half naked girls, newest technical devices, workshops for horse photographers and lots of other interesting things. The experts were trying to find out which producer is more productive, beginners were interested in easy and tiny digital cameras but without any exceptions everyone was interested in the Lomography area. It was the first time when Lomography was presented in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in such a strong way.

Here a little lomographic diary for you:
15th of October, Friday

12 pm. The official opening, the speech, pretty girls from marching band, journalists… everything is calm and chill. The Lomowall is at the entrance, it’s so bright that it attracts the attention of every newcomer.

1 pm. Everyone recognizes African guys with something weird on their shoulders. What’s going on? Is it a dinner from the Ethiopian restaurant?

1:10 pm. Somewhere in the middle of the hall there is a workshop and people seem deep into it.

1:11 pm. Load rhythms explode the hall. Workshop? What are you talking about? Lomography has a SHOW!!

The rhythm of the next days was as crazy as the rhythm of those African drums. Thousands of curious, already knowing people, tons of smiles and energy, bright eyes and flashes – this is Lomography, ladies and gentlemen!

  • What’s that?
  • Are they real?
  • How do they work?
  • Is this a film camera?
  • Is it disposable?
  • Do you use Coral or Photoshop?

were the most frequent asked questions at our booth.

At first some people were laughing about those cameras but after some little time their attention was caught and the image of “toy cameras” was gones. They started looking through the cameras, turning them in their hands…

Our volunteers (all of them honored lomographers of Russia) were ready to answer all the questions and give the full information about their loved film cameras. And yes, what Photoshop is?…

The most unusual and remarkable facts:

  • We met the oldest Russian lomographer Irina Nikolaevna. She is a veteran of the movement. She’s 86 and for 24 years of her life she’s been using Lomo LCA. Her shots are amazing! She could be a professional card maker.
  • We made the fish eye camera test drive giving our guests the chance to make some shots and feel the lomography in action.

Full version:

  • Also it was a big pleasure to see Valerij Nikiforov (the organizator of legendary Moscow-New York lomography exhibition in 1994) as guest at our booth.
  • During the weekendone could find the special photo reporter at the Lomography booth, taking pictures of our guests near the spectacular Lomowall.

The gallery is opened here:

While breaking the limits all four days seemed like one. Our guests left with the knowledge that Lomography is a bright and dynamically developing stream of vision art and the secret of Lomography consists of the positively thinking and analogously living people.

Some words straight from participants:

Vova Ivshin (the honored lomographer):

I already want the next Photofair! There were billions of cool things for each meter of the hall. And it was a good chance to meet other lomographers from different cities.

Puguan Zi (the resident of all our arrangements):

Lomography helps me to feel myself like at home even that I’m not in my native country now.

Anna Kolantay, our reliable friend:

It’s the best area at the fair!! True!

The reckless Lomographer and a wonderful mom Elena Zolotova:

My daughter and me decided that Lomography space was the brightest spot of this event. Everyone could try his forces and be involved in the process without any presumptuous judgements.

Our Embassy wants to thank everyone who supported us during these happy days and we are looking forward to the next outstanding gathering!

The Future is Analogue!

Get some more impressions here:

В Петербурге открывается фотоярмарка

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Wooo what a detailed report ! This event was crazyyyy !!! I wish I could have been there...

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    any shots by Irina Nikolaevna??

  3. louvetau
    louvetau ·

    2 adi_totp

    coming soon
    we plan to visit her at home :)

  4. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    Tschjort wosmi: takiji afrikanzui woobschsche oooooootschen gromko! ;)
    molodez rebjata. wuigljadit klaccno!

  5. masha_njam
    masha_njam ·

    krutoi u nas bil stend!!!

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