Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter in Spain: First hours

2012-11-27 4

The wait has been long (although, honestly, it took less time than I expected) and finally I have in my hands the new Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter. And here are my first impressions:

I was late from work, tired and there it was: on top of my living room table, inside a brown package. I ran for a pair of scissors to open the package and (I love that moment when you don’t know whether to break the box and carefully remove the tape to get your treasure, little by little, enjoying the moment) inside the was the piece that will be my new toy during these days.

When opening the box I found this, among other surprises that I will tell you later one…

The first thing I did was grab the camera. To my surprise it was very light! Then I started to try out each of the two lenses included: 90mm and 58mm and see how my world (or my room) looked though the eyes of my Belair. The truth is that one of the reasons I decided to buy it are the interchangeable lenses, and the possibilities that offer them. I think that later on Lomography will be releasing new lenses! So let’s see what’s their next surprise.

Another reason that made ​​me decide it was the possibility of the 3 shooting formats: panoramic 6×12 panoramic, 6×6 square format and 6×9 rectangular. I still have my doubts about whether I can change the frames in the middle of a roll. We’ll see later on, when I go out shooting.

Here you have the photos of the 2 frames:

The next day (Saturday) after having a look at the manual, I wanted to get down to work. I have the camera ready and I have several rolls to choose from… but I still need the batteries!
Luckily near to my home there’s a watch store, so it was not hard to find them (Thank God! I thought I would have to wait until Monday and missed my first weekend with the Belair).

Next step…choosing the film

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  1. hobbyfossi
    hobbyfossi ·

    looks great, which batteries are required and how much? - to be prepared when mine arrives....

  2. webo29
  3. hobbyfossi
    hobbyfossi ·

    upps, I´ve overseen this information. thank you very much!

  4. placidcasua1
    placidcasua1 ·

    Thinking out of the box...…

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