Bottle Lomo

2012-12-07 7

A little idea for how to display your Lomos.

I recently stumbled across a simple idea to put some old photos in empty glass bottles to display them, so I tried it with some of my Lomos, and as I was quite pleased with the results, I thought I’d share the idea.

Even some photos I didn’t really like seemed to take on a new quality when behind the curved glass.

Just a few cautionary tales:

1) Tightly rolling up the photos to get through a small bottle neck meant that the photos didn’t unroll again as fully as I’d have liked – something to do with the thickness of the photography paper I think. But it still worked out.

2) Don’t expect to be able to use the bottles again, as without the aid of a surgeon, I don’t think I’ll be get the photos back out again. This also presents another potentially photogenic opportunity, safety glasses at the ready, to smash the bottles and break free the prints!

3) In your hastiness to try out the idea, be careful of how much you drink!


written by elixirix on 2012-12-07 #gear #tutorials #bottle #glass #tipster #decoration #exhibition #display #simple #prints #quickie-tipster #jar

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  1. evnka
    evnka ·

    Love the thought! :D

  2. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    There is and artist who makes beautiful drawings and present his works inside bottles

  3. elixirix
    elixirix ·

    cool, thanks for the tip off : )

    and thanks for the Turkish translation too,


  4. blueskyandhardrock
    blueskyandhardrock ·

    fantastic diy project! love it! xo

  5. kekskonstrukt
    kekskonstrukt ·

    awesome idea! looks great :)

  6. ma-riechen
    ma-riechen ·

    what a cute idea :)

  7. elixirix
    elixirix ·

    thanks for all the translations...up to 10 now i think. merci. rix

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