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2012-12-04 2

Ten years ago, a camera showed up in my life and everything changed. Read about how a South American kid fell in love with plastic cameras.

After a long time dedicated to study drums, I decided to try something new. Grabbing photography was almost the easier way out. Well, I wish it was that easy.

In the early 2000s, a new platform was getting quite big here in Brasil among teenagers and young adults enjoying everything internet had to offer. It was the Fotolog.Net (before it turned into .com), a photo-oriented-blog that was easier than creating a text blog and more fun to interact with other users. I was one of these people, taking pics and sharing bits of my life with complete strangers all over the country (or the world, if you look a little further).

The year was 2002 and the most fun thing to do with a camera was playing with the flash and long exposures. Back then I was taking pics with my mom’s Sony digital camera, but the first camera I’ve picked up in my life was a Olympus Trip 35, responsible for 80% of my old family photographs. But the times had changed and no one was talking about film anymore. That was what I thought…

One sunny day a new comment shows up on my page. It was somehing like this:

“nice pic. do you know Lomo?”

That was enough to change my life. A quick net search led me to LSI. I was hooked.

Crazy colors. Cross processing. “Dream Like effect”. Vignetting.

The things that I could do wasting some time on Photoshop was just a shot away, way more organic and real than any virtual plugin or filter. Names like LC-A. Colorsplash. SuperSampler. I was thrilled.

But I had no money. Or international credit card. But I had a lot of patience.

Credits: nfprado

Fast forward to 2004; 2 years had passed, but the will to have a plastic fantastic camera was very solid in my head.

By that time I was really into photography, reading books, going to galleries, breathing and living photography on a daily basis. I even decided to study Film to be a Director of Photography.

Out of nowhere my father decided to study in Canada. He spent one month there, so I asked him to buy me a Colorsplash. I really wanted an LC-A, but it was too expensive and I know my father wouldn’t buy it. But the Colorsplash was on the budget, so he bought it for me.

He got back to Brasil on October 12th, a religious holiday here in Brasil and also known as the Children’s Day. It was the best day to receive a gift like that.

Credits: nfprado

From 2004 until 2006, I carried my Colorsplash everywhere. Then I bought my first professional SLR, wich stays with me until now. And after that, I was hired by the news department on MTV Brasil.

Credits: nfprado

In March 2012, I picked up my Colorsplash for a tour with a famous Brazilian rapper. Unfortunately, the camera was dead. I got so sad. It was like a friend saying goodbye. Then a little light lit up over my head.

“I think it’s time to buy me a LC-A”.

After some search I found the perfect LC-A. Russian made. Real Minitar. Almost as old as me (I’m from 1987, the serial number on the camera says it was made in 1989). Just like I dreamed 10 years ago.
The day I received it from the mail, man, it was just like the first time I saw it on the internet. Or when my father gave the Colorsplash. Or the first time I saw my pictures developed.

Credits: nfprado

How could I know that a little camera, made in the other side of the world a long time ago, would change my life and become this big in my life?

This is my love letter to the cameras that helped me build my way of working and looking to the world.

written by nfprado on 2012-12-04 #lifestyle #lomography #analogue-lifestyle #lomo-journey

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