Diana World Tour: New York City - Events & happenings during November


Diana World Tour: New York City – Events & happenings during November

Lomography invites you to join the incredible Diana World Tour in New York City. View the real treasured Detrich Collection, including over a hundred Diana and Diana Clone Cameras produced from the 60’s to 70’s. Plus the stunning New Yorker edition of the Diana Vignettes. A series of in-depth Lomography lectures and workshops will be held to share the true fun and secret tips of Lomography Diana F+ “Diana World Tour”.

The Detrich Collection
It’s assumed that the original Diana camera was met with significant success in its domestic and export markets, so much so that a flood of knock-off’s, copies, and derivatives were quickly introduced to capitalize on the demand. With names like “Future Scientist,” “Megomatic,” “Snappy,” “Windsor,” and “Zodiac,” the camera clones offered a huge range of varying features, including simplified apertures, extra shutter speeds, electronic flashes, fake light meters, longer lenses, and a 620 film format. Several versions were private-label commissions by large American companies such as GE or Reader’s Digest. It’s not clear which copies were made by the original Great Wall Plastic Factory, and which were made by rival manufacturers.
Mr. Allan Detrich was able to amass what must be the most incredible collection of Diana cameras and Diana clones in the entire world. In Spring 2007, Lomography was able to convince Mr. Detrich to sell us this incredible batch of cameras and is absolutely thrilled to present it as the priceless “Detrich Collection”.

The Detrich Collection & Diana Vignettes Exhibition runs from November 2nd 2009 through November 26th 2009.

Contributors to the Diana Vignettes Exhibition:
Brian Boulos is a photographer and actor. Born and raised in New York, his photography ranges from clean and bold in much of his fashion work, to intimate and carefree when he is in Lomo mode.
Tanya Braganti is a freelance photographer living in working in New York City. She has worked on assignment for LIFE, New York Times Magazine, and Inc., and works consistently shooting features for the NY Daily News.
Miguel De Leon is originally from California. He now lives in Brooklyn and owns a dog. He watches people eat and drink for a living. He likes people, places, and things.
Alexandra Klasinski was born in California on a sunny autumn day 28 years ago. She has designed records, been a makeup artist, a singer and a photographer.
Laura Nealon is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Photography program. She has spent the last few years toting all Lomography has to offer to the rest of the country.
Dave Ortiz is the mastermind behind Dave’s Quality M3AT, his graffiti-tag-turned-business. Using New York as his inspiration, he tells his story about one of the most amazing places on earth.
Nick Rhodes aka nickydigital captures the excitement of urban culture through vibrant photography, video, and blogging. He portrays influential musicians, artists, and party-goers and reconnects them in a digital context.
Amber Tamblyn currently lives in New York City and has been a writer and actress since the age of 9. She has been nominated for an Emmy, Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award for her work in television and film.
Gavin Thomas is a former Lomography intern and longtime lomographer. His promising photographic career encompasses fashion, music, and artistic photography.
Elijah Wood was born in Iowa and moved to California when he was 8 years old and has been working in the film industry ever since. He has used his camera to document the experiences and locations his work has afforded him.

Event Schedule:
Opening Reception – November 2nd, 2009 7pm to 10pm
Diana Darkness – November 5th, 2009 7pm to 9pm
Diana Dialogues Part 1 – November 12th, 2009 1pm to 3pm
Diana Dialogues Part 2 – November 19th, 2009 1pm to 3pm

All events take place at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC
41 W 8th St. NYC 10011

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    so cool

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    toffeestain ·

    I wanted to clarify... just because events are only on certain days, doesn't mean the exhibit won't be up all month, does it?

    I'm planning on traveling 500miles on the 15th of November to see everything, I'm so excited!!

  3. ouroborosx
    ouroborosx ·

    No worries, the exhibition will be up the ENTIRE time.

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    wow so many Diana!! Nice!

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    C O O L

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    What is that clone on the bottom right? Is it a new one or something?

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    would love to have a copy of this poster (if any) -

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