Avilion: Sir Avery's Lost Paradise


Follow a tale into one kind of oblivion, surrounded by nature’s beauty and spurred on by the sea breeze. Taken at a beach resort called Avilion, Port Dickson. Caution, this article is only for the beach lovers!

In the early 1800s, Sir Avery from the British Empire, had set sail along the Malacca straits when his ship was attacked by pirates. Somehow, he survived the attack and made it to the shore. He was warmly welcomed by the local people. He remained at a fishing village for seven years, and during his stay, he turned the place into a Paradise for beach lovers.

Today, this tiny spot along the straits of Malacca has been renamed and redeveloped into Avilion, Port Dickson. (Rumours had it that he named the location ‘Avilion’ after his ship that was attacked by the pirates!)

This beach resort is one of its kind, with its strategic location along the coast that allows you to experience (extremely) varying weather through out the entire day. It also has fantastic infrastructure and a homely architectural design. Any Lomographer who comes here will definitely agree that they will need more than four rolls of film to last through out an entire 3D2N stay.

Alright, let’s cut the chase and just enjoy the visual treat!

A bit of interior design…

And now for some beautiful views (they have this ‘look-out’ spots scattered along the beaches at secluded corners for privacy, and it was such a nice place to unwind with your iPod and a sea view).

They even have some mysterious fort that was locked up on a hill with ‘mythical reindeers in the garden.’

Also, at every turn I made, there were bound to be some things that were shouting out to me to take a shot of it (even the daily morning storm gave everything a new look).

After a whole day filled with so many fun activities, of course it was time to get something from either one of the two top-notch restaurants to appease the grumbling stomachs.

All in all, a 3D2N stay at this beach resort was definitely worth the financial investment we made. But of course, there were many other aspects of this resort that I could not possibly cover in a single entry. So, if there are any enquiries on this resort from any readers, I will definitely be more than glad to lend a helping hand.

To sum up this tale, Avilion, Port Dickson is indeed a Lost Paradise snugly tucked away from the buzzing city life.

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