The Challenge is on for Horizon Kompakt


Horizon Kompakt is a camera filled with excitement and challengeS, and that didn’t hinder my spirit and continue shooting with it, learning as I go along.

Stickers not included!

I have purchased my very own Horizon Kompakt from a friend sometime last year. I was very much stoked because I finally got myself a true panorama camera, which has piqued my curiosity for sometime now.

Credits: gelagoo
Credits: gelagoo

While the Horizon Kompakt is filled it excitement and possibilities, the camera also brings some challenges on the table, much to my chagrin. I found the film to be a bit difficult to load, the uncoupled shutter allows me to create unintentional multiple exposures, the slow (1/2sec) shutter speed is noisy, there is no film window (so I always forget what film I have, ending with badly exposed images), and it is quite heavy for a Lomography camera (I got too spoiled with my lightweight LC-A). It is no surprise that I find this camera to be the most challenging Lomography camera I’ve owned.

Credits: gelagoo

However, despite the cons and somehow frustrating experiences (mostly my quirks), I actually like this camera a lot. If the conditions are correct, I get beautiful and sharp panoramic images, something that I don’t get with my digital camera when I select the panorama option. Even if I have to use another digital camera to shoot images, I find the idea of stitching images to be cumbersome. Obviously I don’t have to do that with the Kompakt.

Credits: gelagoo

I also like the camera’s viewfinder, as it allows me to see my subject clearly and compose properly. I have bad eyesight, so having a good viewfinder is a must for me (in addition to my glasses of course). I also like the built of the camera as it feels very secure on my hand when I am shooting. This is important to me as I shoot a lot during winter and thus I wear gloves all the time.

Credits: gelagoo

So yes, the game is on between me and the Horizon Kompakt! The setbacks do not leave me frustrated but pushes me to read more about this camera and see how people shot with it. How will I seal this challenge, you ask? I aim to shoot the Canadian Rockies with this baby, and I want to make sure I end up triumphant.

The “Horizon Kompakt”: makes it easy for everyone to shoot fantastic panoramic images. With fixed focus and aperture settings, all you have to do is point and shoot! Get your own “Horizon Kompakt”: now!

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    Thank you, and thanks to everyone who read/liked !

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