Ilford Pan F: Finding a Good Substitute with the Polypan F

2012-12-03 1

Who doesn’t love black and white? I mean, the feeling it gives to your images, mystical, pure, old, and raw are just a few words to describe it. Some time ago i came across this film, the Polypan F 50 iso , and after some research it seems a (good) substitute for the good old loved Ilford Pan F.

Finding good substitutes to the good old films is always hard, especially in this moment of film stuck in the digital maze. However, when i first heard of the Polypan F i was curious, i admit, the most for the cheap price. Well, after i got it i had to test it.

Developed with Kodak d76

The images above were made with with a Zenit 12xp, a good start, loved the vintage look that gave to my images!

After this test i didn’t shoot this film for some time, but one day i was stuck far from my film reserve with my Spinner 360 and I had only a roll of Polypan F. Now, sane people never ever would think to put a 50 iso film in the Spinner 360, but hey, somebody has to do it, isn’t that right? So I did it and carefully i hand spinned for properly exposing the film… When i developed the film i got these beautiful crisp and contrasty panoramas!

Developed with Rodinal 1+100 stand for 1 hour

And now a second roll in the Spinner 360:

Developed with Rodinal 1+100 stand for 1 hour

Now it’s time for some tech info on the film:
Coated on polyester base
It’s a movie copy film so doesn’t have an anti halo layer
Very fine grain
Works up to 2 stops in push
Contrast is high but can be controlled with development

I suggest to use this slow film with a fast lens and in bright days to get good results, but as you can see from the above images, nobody will stop you from experimenting!

I really appreciated this film, had really good results and would give it even more chances to
surprise me! If you are a lover of vintage look and cheap film, go grab a roll!

Good light!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Indeed, a good substitute to Ilford Pan F.I just tried this Polypan F 50 film and I am very happy with the results! :) have a look at the album here:…

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