Grizzly George Loves Azores And His Lovely Pretty Girl


This summer I went to Azores to see my lovely girlfriend and I came with a bunch of great photos. I used a 100f Provia slide film on my Diana F+ and the results were great. I really recommend Azores to everyone!

Really recommend Azores-Terceira, it´s such a beautiful place and it could be the best holidays surprise that you can get for sure. I stayed in “Praia da vitória” which is a young city with one of the most inviting beaches of the Azores. And as you can see most of my pictures have a lot of blue from the sea and the sand from the beach. Near “Praia da Vitória” we have “Biscoitos” where you can visit the only wine museum in the Azores archipelago and one of the best natural swimming pool. For me the most beautiful one is “Quatro Ribeiras”.

On the other side of the island we have “Angra do Heroísmo” which was entitled as world-wide patrimony city (Beautiful Beautiful City). One thing that you should visit are The colorful “imperious” or chapels that bear witness to popular devotion. They are represented all over the island.

Know I will suggest 2 more places:

“Monte Brasil”, classified as Protected Landscape, provides a recreational area and resting place as well as a fantastic view over the ocean and the city. The “Sao Joao Baptista” from Monte Brasil Fort, is a large, fortified wall 2.5 miles long.

The “Algar do Carvao” is famous for its’ grottoes that reach a depth of approximately 328 feet (100 meters). These spectacular grottoes contain stalactites, stalagmites and an interior lake. Near the “Algar” the “Enxofre, agua” and “Cabrito” Caves and the “Balcoes, Agulhas” and “Natal” Grottoes, are of special interest especially to scientists.

So in conclusion i will the define terceira as the best natural island of the all world. You must visit Azores- Terceira, you must … =)

Pictures From Azores – Terceira – Enjoy!

written by smintexas on 2009-11-05 #places #slide #location #terceira #azores #provia-100f


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    wow stunning gallery and colors

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    Excellent doubles!

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    Wonderful gallery ! N°9 is just perfect !

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    Thanks Everybody :) Thanks :)

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