Everything Started with a Blue Holga

2012-12-05 2

Here’s a story about an analogue plastic journey between love and hate, the start of my relationship to Lomography.

It was a boring Sunday and I was surfing for hours in the Internet. One time, I found some funny looking colored plastic cameras. When I looked at the pictures it happened—I definitely wanted such a camera called Lomo!

Credits: rainboow

Since I was a child I was interested in photography. I had also an analogue camera and I shot a lot of pictures. But the analogue cameras were replaced by digital ones by the time.

Everyday I watched a lot of different Lomo cameras and I always changed my mind. But then it was sure, I wanted that blue Holga 120N. And even though I read in some blogs that people advised a newbie not to use a medium format. I thought, “I will handle that, that couldn’t be so difficult…”

I searched a lot about the camera in the Internet, like, how to load the film and what those masks are…

And then some days later, my beautiful Holga had arrived! The first time i was holding her in my hands, I thought, “Oh my gosh she is full of plastic, can she really do some nice pictures?”

I went into the basement (there it is dark), cause I read somewhere, that when you load the film it must be completely dark. Otherwise, you get light leaks.

I took a break because the loading didn’t work, and the Internet helped me again. I watched a video how to load 120 films right. After a near mental breakdown, I started again. And it worked!

Credits: rainboow

I turned and turned, I was totally terrified that I would waste the whole film, but then finally the strokes came. (or dots, I don’t remember)

It started. The first roll was quickly full, it was a Lomography Black and White ISO100, which I ordered with the Holga to start directly with shooting.

Here are my first pictures with the Holga 120N:

Credits: rainboow

I took the roll to Rossmann (a drug store), the pictures were developed, but I didn´t like the pictures. I was frustrated, the pictures looked washed out and too dark (although I took the pictures on bright sunny day). I banished the camera a few weeks in a cabinet. I didn’t want to spend the money for nothing. I was really close to crying…but after a lot of nice words from my boyfriend and family, I started again, and this time it would be a color negative film.

Credits: rainboow

Thankfully, the pictures turned out much better!

Credits: rainboow

So, honestly I must say that my start could have been much better, if I had used a 35mm camera. But I am who I am!

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    I'm sure you found out that 120 film isn't that hard to use. Good start - keep experimenting. Maybe some faster film (ISO 400) will give you better color - these look underexposed.

  2. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    I also started with a Holga 120 because I saw super pics on the internet. And I also did not get the the cool pictures I had seen on the internet. But I always liked my Holga and I will always choose medium format above 135 film.

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