Homemade 35mm Adapter for Holga 120


I’d like to share with you all, this adapter I made for my Holga 120N

Some days ago, I was searching for some 35mm adapters for my Holga 120N, but what I found were really expensive, so I tried to find a homemade alternative and I found here in lomography magazine, a tip to take square photos in the Holga. I used that tipster to make my adapter with some changes.

1. I cut a piece of cardboard from a cereal box with the same size than the 16 mask that cames with the camera.
2. I Trace a negative that was almost the center of the square and pointed with dots the size of the picture.
3. I Cut the rectangle formed by the four points of negative photo.
4. With a black marker, I painted the cardboard cereal box on both sides.
5. After only cardboard mask placed on the 16 and Black Tape, similarly this line the cardboard mask of the doubts that marker.
6. Put the mask on the Holga and made the process to place a roll of 35mm.
7. I was careful that the roll runs well into the hole, because otherwise the picture would come out crooked or edges.
8. I put more black tape to prevent light leaks some but this is optional.

Clicks that you have to count, I putted them on a paper thanks to the tip I based, you can see the table on the photos. And that’s what I did.

written by israelbistrain on 2012-12-11 #gear #tutorials #diy #120 #35mm #homemade #tipster #holga #adapter
translated by carlosbull

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