Konica Disposable Waterproof Camera - Expired Yesterday


I think this camera is a good choice for all-weather outdoor snapshots, but I think it does not differ from other similar disposable underwater cameras. I am not sure if such cameras are made so far, probably they are not present already. All it’s magical features for me are made by the expired film.

Before my trip to the sea I wanted to buy a Fisheye Submarine, but I didn’t manage to meet the deadline. Then I decided to buy a disposable underwater camera. There was a great variety of such cameras and I just had to choose one. By a chance on online auction I came across Konica Disposable Waterproof Camera. What was interesting about this camera? The pre-loaded film expired in 2003. I decided it would be an interesting experiment, and I bought it. It cost very cheaply, about 1,5 €.

This camera did not have an instruction neither in Russian nor in English, only the Japanese hieroglyphs. I also could not find much information about it in the Internet. This camera is pre-loaded with Konica Color Centuria 400 film, 27 exposures, 135 size. It has a clear plastic case, which keeps water out and makes the camera float, you do not have to worry, it also protects from sand. Bright wrist-strap to keep it handy when you’re on the go also helps not to loose the camera in the water. For easy framing under water there is a large sports finder, but I didn’t use it. Unfortunately there is no flash.

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  1. dkline
    dkline ·

    It's too bad all the photos are so pixelated...

  2. dkline
    dkline ·

    nevermind, I see them now, they just weren't loading properly before.

  3. stouf
    stouf ·

    Very nice shots ! Totally a good ratio quality/price ! : )

  4. jblaze823
    jblaze823 ·

    great buy, the photos turned out great

  5. tataaa
    tataaa ·


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