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This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “A Very Lomo Halloween!” by @ihave2pillows from Kansas, USA. If being a giant functioning Diana F+ film camera for Halloween isn’t showing your Lomography love, then we don’t know what is! Find out how he made his analogue costume here.

I love Halloween. It’s my favorite day of the American social calendar and my license to create and celebrate all things crazy. This year, I decided to pay homage to my new love, the Lomo camera! After some research online, I noticed that people have made functional digital camera costumes for Halloween before, but there’s no Google-able record of a Giant Monster functional film camera. So, with 72 hours to go, I quickly went to work.

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We don’t blame community member @ihave2pillows for wanting an ambitious costume that stands out AND makes wonderful souvenirs for partygoers, so we applaud him for this really awesome idea! Inspired by the form of his Diana F+ and the function of the Diana Instant Back+, he created a costume that was both amusing and useful! Read the original article to find out how he made this Lomographic ensemble and to see more photos.

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