Marilyn Monroe Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out these photographs of Marilyn Monroe about to get her Thanksgiving on back in 1950. Clad in a Pilgrim outfit with a shotgun in tow, the turkey probably wasn’t too happy to be posing with the blonde bombshell.

Photos via BuzzFeed

Hollywood honey Marilyn Monroe shot these studio publicity photos for Thanksgiving in 1950, reminding us all to be grateful for what we have for at least one of 365 days in a year! Dressed in a rather controversial Pilgrim-inspired outfit with a weapon in tow, it probably wasn’t a very happy occasion for Monroe’s co-model, the turkey.

How’s your Thanksgiving going so far? Show us photos of your holiday trips, meals with friends and family, Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping steals and deals, and whatever shenanigans you engaged in!

Read more about Marilyn Monroe in the Magazine:

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