Fritz the Blitz, not just for La Sardina

2012-12-14 1

Why keep it for a single camera when you can use it with ALL?

We all know that this flash, with its three settings, is wonderful in combination with La Sardina and its wide angle lens. But we can make the most of both Fritz the Blitz and other cameras using its adapter kit!

I discovered that it makes the perfect couple with my Sprocket Rocket during the launch of the first lomowall in Zaragoza. It all started the afternoon before the party and I was anxious not knowing the camera I’d bring. LC-A+? The lightmeter was a point in favour. Diana? The pics will have a special touch. La Sardina? Well, its wide angle lens will help me fit everyone in one pic. But, what about the lomowall? Definitely it was a mission for the Sprocket Rocket and if I wanted to capture every detail I needed a lot of light… so I decided using my Fritz the Blitz adapter kit.

I carefully joined it to the camera (fortunately it has an extra piece for panoramic cameras) and started shooting. My advice is that you should hold the flash while you snap, as it sometimes moves backwards. For me, the only difficulty, as well as with focusing, is calculating the flash position depending on the distance, but the results came out this nice. Everything is perfectly lit and capturing all the friends that had come to see our piece of art.

But all that flashes is not gold and in my new try to use this winning combination, I didn’t like the results so much. I blamed the film, Velvia 100 (why would I take it to a wedding?), until I saw the last pic, also taken indoors but during the day. What do you think? It’s the film or the camera? Or maybe I’m still afraid of “frying” my friends and didn’t set the right distance?

After these results, I decided to try it with other cameras and taking note of the settings I used (fly – one person – three persons). And I am pretty happy with my first try with Lomokino…

Photos by sye

What about you? Do you have any tips for me? Have you tried this flash with other cameras? I’ll be happy to read your answers.

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    gotta love the fritz ! :D

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