How To Hold A Camera: Belair X 6-12

2012-11-23 6

Looking at old camera manuals is a great way to understand concepts such as exposure, focus, f-stop, light metering. It’s also the place to find great vintage images of how to properly hold a camera. See some of the ones we found online plus find our own guide for holding the Belair cameras.

Ok, good inspiration, now let’s take a look at how to hold the Belair cameras for the sharpest images.

The one handed snap-shooter

If you are going to hold and shoot with the Belair X 6-12 one-handed, make sure you are holding the front part of the camera on the shutter release side. The Belair is a sturdy camera and you want to make sure that taking the picture does not make your camera shake.

Two handed light meter conscious grips

If you want to hold the Belair camera with two hands, we still recommend you grip the front of the camera, at least with one hand. Remember the light meter is on the front left hand side of the camera, so make sure to watch your hand position.

Belair X 6-12 – How to Hold the Camera from Lomography on Vimeo.

Remember, this is just a guide, don’t worry about any rules. If you find a better way to hold the camera, go with it! And let us now with a camera manual style photograph of your own!

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  1. grazie
    grazie ·

    I actually find this article very cool

  2. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    i have another way of holding the camera, by using my thumb to support the base of the front part of the camera and my index finger for the shutter release, I think it lessens the movement, and more comfortable for me.

  3. gabysalas
    gabysalas ·

    @walasiteodito: can you get a shot of it so that we can post it here too?

  4. walasiteodito
  5. sinar444
    sinar444 ·

    Sorry to be a bit negative, but the only reason I haven't bought this camera is the exposure button's position. This camera is a replica of the Polaroid 180, 190, etc cameras which is ok. The only - but IMHO one of the most important - feature has not been implemented. The Polaroids exposure button is on the camera housing while the shutter is on the front panel (like on the Belair). To avoid shaking/rattling the camera during exposition the exposure button is connected to the shutter with a cable release. Easy and simple solution and you won't shake your camera. The Belair is a nice camera but this featue that you hold it one hand by the body and handle the exposure button on the front with the other is less than perfect for me. This is proved by this article because if the exposure wouldn't be problematic you shouldn't have to invent a process how to use the shutter. If this issue will be fixed sometime I'll also be a happy owner of this camera :-)

  6. analogdisplay
    analogdisplay ·

    @sinar444 agree

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