Taking Back Tipsters: More La Sardina Tips


Did you miss Taking Back Tipsters? The series is back with more tips and tricks for you to try with the La Sardina! Take a look back at some previously published La Sardina tipsters by your fellow lomographers after the jump!

You might have already read about the previous Taking Back Tipsters installment on La Sardina tips or even some DIY projects for the La Sardina. If you enjoyed reading those tipster collections, you might also be interested in checking out these other La Sardina tipsters by your fellow lomographers:

Photos by gvelasco

Endless Panoramas With the La Sardina by gvelasco

If you like shooting endless panoramas but haven’t tried it yet with the La Sardina, head over to this tipster to find out how you can do it!

Photo by vicuna

La Sardina Likes it Close-up by vicuna

Lomographer vicuna says, “what if you want to go closer than the 0.6m distance offered by the La Sardina?” Follow his very easy tipster and see if you can produce close-ups as nice as his!

Photo by gelibee

Tips from the Workshop: Fritz the Blitz Flash Armor by gelibee

Your powerful Fritz the Blitz Flash needs some TLC too! So, in this tipster from the workshop, find out how you can protect your Fritz the Blitz Flash from potential damage by making an armor for it.

Photo by digitaljunk

See Through your La Sardina DIY Using this Easy to Make Trompe l’œil Cover by digitaljunk

In this tipster by digitaljunk, you will find out how to do one of the most epic customized covers for the La Sardina DIY. You will end up tricking your friends into thinking that your La Sardina camera is transparent! Sweet!

Photo by sarah-addison-dobard

The Portable Scrapbook - Decorate Your La Sardina DIY With Mementos by sarah-addison-dobard

This tipster by sarah-addison-dobard showcases another beautiful custom La Sardina DIY design, which every analogue traveler will surely want to try making! If you still have those maps, bus tickets, receipts, phone cards, museum/theater tickets, and other mementos from your travels, grab them and follow the tipster above!

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