How a Diana Turned me into a Lomo Addict


How did I come to be an obsessed Lomographer? Find out in this article!

Taken with my Original Diana Camera

My entry into Lomography was much like an addict’s entry into drugs; it all started with a friendly dealer giving you a taste of the goods. I was just a simple photography enthusiast without a camera or even a rudimentary knowledge of photography. School or formal education were out of the question so I just borrowed a camera and shot roll after roll of film. I went to a local camera shop and and barraged him with a million and one questions and he kindly obliged giving me lectures on photography, film and cameras. I slowly learned and shot.

Then, one day, I went into the shop and asked him for the cheapest medium format camera he had. He lit right up and told me he had the perfect camera for me. He rummaged through the clutter and pulled out tattered and worn box and layed it on the counter. The cover showed a picture of a plastic camera and the name Diana was printed down the side. This was an original Diana camera, he told me all about the mysterious camera, the more he went on about it the more excited I got.

This was the first camera I ever bought for myself, it was also my intro to Lomography.

From the moment I handed over the money I was hooked on the lomography lifestyle. I shot everything I could with that Diana, I surfed the Lomography website for info and ideas. Soon I cut off the lens on my Diana and made a pinhole camera out of it. Then I came across a Holga and shot with that, then I made my own Holgaroid camera.

Taken with a Holgaroid

Since then I have accumulated many cameras from a 4×5 to a Kodak 110 camera. But I almost always have a Lomo style camera in my bag or close at hand. I’ve used them for just about any kind of situation and I’ve never been let down.

More than anything Lomography has encouraged me to think outside the box. It has inspired me to look at photography differently, to see the perfection in imperfection.

Taken with a Holga 120

written by asile23 on 2012-12-06 #lifestyle #diana-f-lomography-cn-100-holga-holgaroid-holga-135

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