Fritz the Blitz, Adapter Kit Surely Won't Light you Down!


Fritz, as I call him, is my ever dependable light companion. Wherever I go, I always make sure I bring one flash with me, so I wont feel bad that it took me until night time to shoot, or whenever the subjects I want to take be inside a dim- lighted room. Like the famous tagline of a deodorant, I’m sure Fritz wont let err light you down!

Whats good about the adapter kit is that well it easily “adapts” to your chosen cameras. Based on my experience in bringing a lot of cameras on a trip. I’m happy that Fritz fits well. It can be attached easily to any camera that has hot-shoe adapter. If you want it to be attached in a stable/sturdy manner, you can use the bracket and bracket extensions included in the package.

As for me, I usually have Fritz loosed so I can easily direct the light to the subjects I wanted to be lit. I can have the light come from above or below and even have the flash bounce. Unlike other flashes that are only attached on top of your camera, with Fritz and its hot-shoe adapter cable, I can easily stretch it to provide light to wherever direction I want. Warning though, you have to make sure that the cable is still properly inserted at the bottom of the flash when pulled. That’s the downside of its flexibility when stretched too much. So to avoid missing that perfect moment, better tape the cable to the flash for a perfect connection.

Comparing this product to the ones earlier produced, I really believe that Fritz is so far the most powerful flash any analogue lover can use with their cameras. Best of all, it comes with diffusers that doubles as additional colors. The blue, red and yellow sometimes add more drama to a perfect picture moment.

I just wish Lomography can produce more colors for diffusers (like green, orange or purple) and for the Fritz the Blitz adapter kit itself. (preferably white or brown to match the other cameras) Wouldn’t it be more fun if it will come in other different hues?

Check out my photos used with Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit. I usually use it with my LC-A+, Fisheye 2 and Diana Mini. So far, Fritz never light me down.

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