Lomographer for a Day: Elizabeth


I, carmengraphy, have lent my Diana Mini loaded with a Kodak Gold 200 to my mom, Elizabeth and have turned her into a “Lomographer for a Day”. Look at what she’s done!

Credits: eligraphy
  1. How long since you had shot an analogue film roll?

Ufff…it seems like a whole life… at least 30 years…

Credits: eligraphy
  1. How would you describe the experience in five words?

Young… fun… entertaining… curious…addictive!

Credits: eligraphy
  1. Which picture, out of all you took, do you like the best, and why?

I have two favorites photos: the one with the bridge under the ‘Tajo’ River because it’s a combination of different elements of nature – water, the ducks and the natural light. And the one with the path between the trees, because you can see the depth just like in an oil painting.

Credits: eligraphy
  1. If you could teleport to any part of the world with this camera and lots of film, which would it be and why?

To Jerusalem, I would take photos to sacred places with this camera, to get the mistic and old vibe represented in them.

Credits: eligraphy

5. Do you have any nice memore of your childhood with an analogue camera?

Yes, from the trips to ‘La Puerta’ Mountain. My dad always took photos with analogue cameras, his favorite was a Polaroid EE33!

Polaroid of my 15th Birthday taken with my dad’s Polaroid

Would you like to turn someone into a lomographer for a day? Click here and you’ll find all the mechanics to share your analogue passion with everyone.

written by carmengraphy on 2012-12-14 #lifestyle #carmengraphy #lomografo-por-un-dia #lomografo-por-un-dia #eligraphy #lomographer-for-a-day
translated by carmengraphy

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