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2012-11-24 13

We know him as our LomoGuru from Indonesia; showcasing wonderful Lomographs in our Community for quite a long time already!

Being the passionate Lomographer that he is, it is understandable for him to give in to the glorious art of “Lomography in Motion” or the LomoKino! He sure is a fresh breed but that will make us watch out for more! Today we welcome adi_totp as this week’s Community LomoKino LomoAmigo!

Credits: adi_totp

Name: Adi Prakarsa
Lomography Username: adi_totp
Location: Bandung, Indonesia
Number of years as a Lomographer: 5
Number of years in the Community: 5

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

Hello! My name is Adi. I’m a post-graduate student; right now I am busy writing my master thesis so I could graduate as soon as possible. I love analogue photography simply because I grew up seeing my Dad who always brings his Canon AE-1. And now, I am doing the same! Long live analogue photography!

Describe the LomoKino in five words.

Fun! Compact! Original! Analogue! Unpredictable!

Terrific Lomographs from five-year old Community member, Adi!

How did you like shooting with the LomoKino?

I just bought the LomoKino a month ago and I had a lot of great time with it! Will continue documenting my daily life with the LomoKino which is Lomography in motion! You can see the movement of people and their face expression, it’s priceless!

What or who has inspired you to purchase and use the LomoKino?

To be honest, long before I decided to buy the LomoKino, I have already talked to great friend of mine about it, a talented lomographer Anthony! We talked about the function and the potential of this camera. He told me that the LomoKino’s was analogue photography but in moving pictures! I was pretty convinced since we talked about the LomoKino again and again so I finally gave in just a month ago. Thanks Anthony for your wise words!

The Walk

Any funny or strange encounters you’ve had with it?

Hahaha, of course! When my little brother and I was walking to the university, I brought the Lomokino and I decided to record our trip. We were having fun but the people around us was looking like “What the hell are they doing?!” But I didn’t care because we were having fun! That’s the best part!

If you could shoot any person alive or dead (or imaginary) with your LomoKino, who would it be and why?

Blink 182! I love Blink 182 and their great music since I was in junior high school. Growing up seeing their music video was “WOW!" I watched every music video of them and I collect their DVD’s, too! Oh man! I’m a big fan! It would be a dream come true if one day I could shoot their music video using the LomoKino. Black and white music video I’ve imagined. Yeaah!

Kindly share to us any LomoKino movie you love the most.

Anthony and Grace by Adi.

Any future plans with your LomoKino? More shoots or a full-length film perhaps?

Definitely will shoot more with the Lomokino! Shoot my everyday life in Bandung, shoot my next travel, shoot my girlfriend, and just shoot everything around me. I’ve always wanted to use the Lomokino to document my everyday life; it could be in black and white or in crazy colors using slide film. There are so many things I want to do with the LomoKino and if there’s any wild idea that will come across my mind, I will write it down in my notebook so I could remember them. Stay tuned on the Movies section of my LomoHome!

Your advice to future LomoKino users.

Before you go crazy shooting with your LomoKino, please put your film correctly into the camera, check the rewind crank and make sure it rotates! To be honest my girl taught me how to put the film correctly into the LomoKino. Hahaha! I think that’s it! But oh yeah, don’t forget to use high ISO film if you’re shooting under bad weather condition. Have fun shooting with the LomoKino! Go run, walk and jump with it!


Do you have something to say about your LomoKino experience? Then drop me a line at mayee.gonzales@lomography.com and you might be our next LomoKino LomoAmigo!

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    @adi_totp Haha!! nice interview my friend :D

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    Ternyata kegilaan anda berasal dari Tom, Matt & Travis =p ^_^

  3. atria007
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    <3 great interview @adi_totp

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    whops lomokino amigo? claps!

  5. mayeemayee
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    Thanks again @adi_totp! :)

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    @sobetion thank you very much :D

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    @hervinsyah oh tentu! Dari smp sampai sekarang setia dengerin Blink 182!

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    @atria007 thank you,mery! Will make more lomokino movies! :D

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    @istionojr it came as a surprise really!

  10. adi_totp
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    @mayeemayee you're welcome and thank you so much for the opportunity! Let's make more lomokino movies now! :D

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    @adi_totp you just buy a lomokino and already is a lomoamigo lomokino?? you are great!!! :D

  12. adi_totp
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    @goonies hahaha thank you,Mario! It was a surprise! :D

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