What Do Horoscopes Tell You About Lomography?


I bet that most of us, especially those with subscriptions to lifestyle magazines, have checked their weekly Horoscope forecast. They’re said to be able to predict future events or analyze one’s personality based on when we were born. What will be the person born on 23rd November like?

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You may ask, why 23rd November? It’s because that is the day that Lomographic Society International was born! And this year, 2012, is our 20th anniversary! It’s surely one our biggest happenings at Lomography as well as for all our community of Lomographers!

Horoscope, or Astrology, is a kind of pseudoscience which we are advised to take “reference” of only. Some of us may think it’s accurate while some think otherwise. But anyway, I think taking a look at it will be interesting, and fun!

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The “Sun Sign” of 23rd November is Sagittarius. People who follow this sign is said to be optimistic and have a lively personality! It’s also considered as one of the most fun-loving signs of the Zodiac. Don’t you think they are some of the most suitable descriptions of Lomography? All community members are definitely fun-loving and most definitely share interesting stuff in our Online Magazine!

Moreover, Horoscopes are usually spoken of alongside Numerology. Why don’t we check that out as well? It mentions that people born on 23rd November have varied kinds of interests and talents and desire to have freedom in expressing themselves. Undoubtedly, all Lomographers have different abilities and intend to express their ideas in analogue ways!

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No matter if Horoscopes are 100% true or not, Lomographic Society International gathers every analogue lover together! For all the joy and fun we’ve had over the past 20 years, let’s say Happy Birthday to Lomography!

Information of this article is from If Today Is Your Birthday and Wikipedia.

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