Algarrobo: Where I See What My Father Saw


For me, Algarrobo is more than just a vacation spot.

Photo by calfaroz

Algarrobo has become, in recent years, one of my favorite places.

It is a very important place for my family because the first pictures of my parents’ holidays were taken there (in fact, there is a picture of my mother as a child in in front of my father’s father car). And it was also in Algarrobo, where I took my first picture with a Kodak 35mm camera.

Photo by calfaroz

The place is famous for its docks, sunsets full of seagulls and pelicans, the yachts, fishing, and traveling to “the Island of the Penguins”.

Photo by calfaroz

You can see together the yacht club and the fishing cove. Hills, forests, and beaches. Metal, wood, and stone. In short, there is everything.

foto de: calfaroz

For analog lovers, it’s heaven. The main dock is handmade, like the boats that leave from there (made ​​by Don Carlos, the same that handles them). It is one of the few inlets that still dock a large number of wooden boats, and not fiberglass ones. Not to mention the kiosks are stilt houses, stone walls, and old houses.

The best thing to do is walk the waterfront to get to craft fairs, beach or hill.

Photos by calfaroz

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