World's Oldest Champagne in Singapore


While this may be old news to you, it’s vintage news to us! Singapore’s own Russian restaurant, “Buyan”, is home to, what was in 2011, the world’s oldest champagne! The crate of bottles have such history behind them and one befitting to the restaurant! There was yet another record breaker involved. Intrigued? Read on after the jump!

According to Luxury Insider “Experts suggest that the bottles were headed for the court of Russia’s last czar, Nicholas II, when the ship sank, making the sale of the historically significant bottle to the Russian restaurant all the more fitting.”

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Shipwrecked in the Baltic Sea, between Sweeden and Finland, 145 bottles were salvaged last July, 2 of which the “Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine and Caviar Bar”, located in the trendy Duxton Hill, won in an auction. They paid a world-record price of €30,000 (USD $49,145) for a bottle of 1841 Veuve Clicquot and another €24,000 for a bottle of 19th-century Jugler.

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While restaurant owner Julia Sherstyuk may or may not have uncorked the re-corked champagne for a special occasion, it’s now part of the restaurant’s history.

And, just as Lomogaphy loves its Russian roots, Lomography Singapore is proud of it’s multi-cultural city and it’s world-record breaking champagne! Can it be called hindsight or coincidence that the Sparkling Editions have come to Singapore, 20-years after the founding of Lomography?

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Information for this article was taken from Bloomberg and Luxury Insider

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